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Welcome, ETI
The Official Theme Song of the Invitation to ETI Project
Lyrics copyright © 2000 H. Paul Shuch, Ph.D. (Dr. SETI®)
Sung to the tune of "Scarlet Ribbons," copyright © 1949 by Jack Segal and Evelyn Danzig

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Featured on Dr. SETI's CD "Sing More Songs of SETI," available here Sing More Songs of SETI CD

I logged on to surf the 'net, when
This amazing page I spied.
It was beamed from planet Earth,
And it said, 'Welcome, ETI.'

Many probes have cruised the cosmos,
Searching long for such a sign
From an open, peaceful species
Having an inquiring mind.

Every planet, moon, and nation
Join us in confederation...

Fearing interstellar contact,
Most retreat behind their sun.
Might there be some world to talk to?
So far, Earth's the only one.

Stars we visit, by the billions,
Never knowing when, or why...

Some small world will dare to reach out
Saying 'Welcome, ETI.'

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The Invitation to ETI was founded by Prof. Allen Tough
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