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Who We Are: Alex Antonites

Prof. Alex Antonites is a full professor in the Department of Philosophy, University of Pretoria, South Africa. His fields of speciality are Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Cosmology, Animal Consciousness and Ethics, Theory of Evolution, and Philosophical Anthropology (Meaning of Life). He is a member of the South African Academy of Science and other academic organizations and institutes. Apart from philosophy, he also have a degree in theology. Prof. Antonites regularly publishes many articles in academic journals. This includes articles on extraterrestrial intelligence. Alex regularly gives papers (some of which includes topics also on extraterrestrial intelligence) at international and national philosophy conferences, and others, such as SA AMSAT, as well as taking part in discussions on South African radio and TV. He is the regional coordinator of the SETI League for South Africa. Influenced by Carl Sagan and others, he has also developed an interest in intra-terrestrial intelligence (animals). Alex Antonites

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