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Who We Are: Clement Bezold

Dr. Clement Bezold founded the Institute for Alternative Futures in 1977 to encourage "Anticipatory Democracy." In 1982, he started its for-profit subsidiary, Alternative Futures Associates (AFA) to assist corporations in their strategic planning. Trained as a political scientist, he has been a major developer of foresight techniques - applying futures research and strategic planning methods in both the public and private sectors. As a consultant, Dr. Bezold has worked with a large variety of successful and growing corporations as well as governments and non-profit organizations. He has designed numerous workshops and projects to study future environments in a wide range of fields including health care, law and the courts, the environment, genomics, and science and technology. In 2005, Clem organized an initiative to explore advances that could reduce health disparities among the poor and disadvantaged. Now Chairman of the IAF Board, he focuses his energy on working to instill foresight knowledge and practices in government.

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