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Who We Are: Mauro Cavalcanti

Dr. Mauro J. Cavalcanti is a biologist and systems analyst who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he is a research associate with the Department of Vertebrates, Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro. Some of his long-term research interests that may be relevant to SETI concern the evolution of morphological diversity in geological and ecological time and the environmental impacts of exotic organisms (including transgenic organisms). He has also been active in the field of bioinformatics and taxonomic computing. Within the SETI field, he is interested in the potential contributions of evolutionary biology to a better understanding of the origin and planetary distribution of intelligence (on Earth and elsewhere). He would particularly like to know how extraterrestrial civilizations have dealt with environmental problems on their home planets. His Toucan* website provided a biologist's contribution to SETI.

Mauro Cavalcanti

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