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Who We Are: Jack Cohen

Prof. Jack Cohen is an internationally known reproductive biologist. His last position, at Warwick University in the United Kingdom, bridged the Ecosystems Unit of the Biology Department and the Mathematics Institute. His books include several in reproductive biology and, with the mathematician Ian Stewart, The Collapse of Chaos and Figments of Reality. The Appearance of Design is in preparation. His most recent book is Evolving the Alien (Ebury UK) aka What Does a Martian Look Like; the science of extra-terrestrial life (Wiley US), again with Stewart. He is co-author, with Stewart and Pratchett, of The Science of Discworld 1 and 2; 3 is signed up. He is consultant to top science fiction authors, designing alien creatures and ecologies. The s-f novel Wheelers (a first-contact story with Stewart) now has a sequel Heaven at Warner-Aspect, out in early 2004. He has initiated and participated in the production of several TV programmes, including "The Natural History of an Alien" (BBC and Discovery, '98) His hobbies include boomerang throwing and keeping strange animals: from Hydras to mantis shrimps, and octopuses to llamas. Jack Cohen

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