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Who We Are: Cindy Corriveau

Ms. Cindy Corriveau has a BA in Psychology and is employed the State of CT. She is also a freelance writer and photographer for a local newspaper, the Author of Salem: Images in America Series by Arcadia Publishing, Author of EVP: Talking to Beyond for the Door Opener Mar-May 2005 Edition, and the President of the Salem Historical Society. Ms. Corriveau is the President and Founder of Interdimensional Investigations, a Reiki Practitioner II, a Master Teacher of Magnified Healing, an annual EVP workshop Presenter for Pagan Odyssey Beltane Festival , a member of the Salem Land Trust, Salem Lions Club, Gungywamp Society, a Red Cross Certified Emergency Shelter Volunteer and a member of the Concerned Citizens of Colchester promoting African American History. Her specialty in the paranormal field has been Electronic Voice Phenomenon (acquiring disembodied voices on tape). Corriveau's credibility in presenting original EVP recordings to the CT Skeptic Society has lead to an ongoing series of scientifically controlled experiments under the direction of Yale Neurologist, Dr. Stephen Novella. Her latest endeavors as a Certified Cable Access producer include producing and hosting an original informative talk show: Ghost Chat New England. With a diverse background in human services, paranormal phenomenon, history, archaeology, communication and advocating, Cindy's skills may prove to be a valuable asset to the IETI project at some stage. Who knows for sure what ETI is like and what skills will be needed for communication? A fresh new approach is always welcomed. Cindy Corriveau

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