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Who We Are: David Darling

Dr. David Darling is a freelance science writer with a Ph.D. in astronomy. Amazon.com called him "one of the world's leading authorities on extraterrestrial life." His Extraterrestrial Encyclopedia, published in 1999, contains 1900 items on all aspects of the quest for life in the universe. His highly-acclaimed book, Life Everywhere: The Maverick Science of Astrobiology, was published in 2001 by Basic Books. This was followed by The Complete Book of Spaceflight (2002), The Universal Book of Astronomy (2003), The Universal Book of Mathematics (2004), Teleportation: The Impossible Leap (2005), Gravity's Arc: The Story of Gravity from Aristotle to Einstein and Beyond (2006), all published by John Wiley & Sons. Earlier he wrote Deep Time, Equations of Eternity (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year), Soul Search, Zen Physics, and several children's books. Dr. Darling presented "Astrobiology and SETI: A Promising New Partnership" at The SETI Leauge's Third Annual Awards Banquet. Since 1999 he has maintained The Worlds of David Darling website, which includes the 8,000-entry Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and Spaceflight. A British citizen, he lives with his American wife in Dundee, Scotland.

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