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Who We Are: Alex Ellery

Dr. Alex Ellery, FRAS, FBIS, is a British physicist/engineer born in 1963. His main field of specialisation is space robotics, in which he gained his Ph.D., and he is also a graduate of the International Space University summer programme. His interests lie in space robotics, artificial intelligence, astrobiology, evolution, SETI, and self-replicating probes. From 2003 to 2006, Alex was a Lecturer in Spacecraft Engineering at the Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey, UK, and worked on the ESA ExoMars Rover Phase A study with EADS Astrium UK. He currently is an Associate Professor at Carleton University in Canada, where he serves as Canada Research Chair in Space Robotics & Space Technology. The main thrust of his research has been the development of Mars rover/mole mission platforms for astrobiology research, thus combining his interests in space robotics and astrobiology. His textbook for graduate students, called An Introduction to Space Robotics, was recently published. Now he is writing a book on von Neumann probes, called The Tenth Avatar.

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