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Who We Are: Anne Hartman

Ms. Anne Hartman is a doctoral student in Social Anthropology at York University in Toronto. Her current research interests include Canadian nationalism, gender and sexuality studies, urban anthropology, and studies of play and performance. She also holds a MA in Theory, Culture, and Politics from Trent University (2003), and an Honours BA from the University of Western Ontario (1999). Anne has been working as a Researcher with Dr. Allen Tough and Invitation to ETI since the summer of 2006. As a sociocultural anthropologist, she is interested not only in the possibility of finding hitherto unknown forms of life (perhaps radically different than anything we know), but is also fascinated by the ways in which our own cultural, historical, and personal locations influence the ways in which we conceptualize contact. She hopes that if contact occurs, humans will do a better job of fostering understanding and equity across cultural divides than has been the case in the past. Anne Hartman (photo pending)

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