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Who We Are: David Hines

Mr. David Hines has degrees in fine arts and makes his living as a painter of landscapes. In his paintings of the western Mojave Desert of Southern California at night, "isolated lights denoting human presence are mirrored by stars that may denote life in the vastness of space as well. There is in the most successful of these paintings a mood of expectant uncertainty, as though one of those stars could suddenly approach us or make contact with us." One of his evocative paintings (copyright 2000) is part of this Invitation to ETI website, serving as a symbolic doorway or portal through which ETI and humans can communicate. He has a long-standing interest in extraterrestrial intelligence, and attended the 1999 seminar on the cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact as well as Bioastronomy 99. If contact with ETI occurs, he foresees artists resiliently embracing and exploring that contact, serving as a significant bridge if ETI finds our science uninteresting, and gaining artistic inspiration from this historic event.

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