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Who We Are: Barbara Marx Hubbard

Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard is the president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is the author of Conscious Evolution, The Revelation, The Evolutionary Journey, and The Hunger of Eve. Long noted for her inspiring positive visions of humanity's future, she contributes a powerful vision of a future moment of connectedness and love between humanity and ETI. This moment of resonance might occur when enough people around the world realize we are on the verge of being born as a cosmic civilization, a vital member of the vast living universe. Barbara says, "It is important to use music, images, and words to tell everyone the story of the imminent birth of a cosmic humanity. I foresee a planet wide birthday celebration. This openness to contact with other forms of intelligence, this moment of resonance, will allow the wise mature forms of extraterrestrial intelligence to communicate directly with us." Barbara Marx Hubbard

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