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Who We Are: Stelio Montebugnoli

Dr. Stelio Montebugnoli, in Bologna (Italy), leads a major European SETI effort called Project Starvoice. He is the engineer in charge of the Medicina radioastronomy station (consisting of the big Northern Cross telescope and the VLBI 32 m dish antenna). He started his SETI activity in the early 1990s with the design of a high resolution spectrometer. He used it to study the effect of the SL-9 comet / Jupiter crash (July 94) and he detected the emission of water on the E fragment impact zone, a finding that is relevant to the bioastronomy perspective. This finding was published in Planetary Space and Science (Elsevier) in 1996. Now the Seti-Italia Project is using (in piggyback mode) the 32 m dish with a 15 MHz @24 million channel Serendip IV system.

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