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Who We Are: Paolo Musso

Dr. Paolo Musso is Professor of Philosophy of Nature at the Pontifical Urbanian University and the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, both in Rome, Italy. He was born in that city on 13 November 1964. He studied Philosophy of Science in the University of Genova, where he graduated with first-class honours in 1990 with Prof. Evandro Agazzi. In 1997 he earned his Ph.D. with a dissertation on the philosophical implications of the theories of chaos and complexity, working with Prof. Tito Fortunato Arecchi, Director of the National Institute of Optics of Firenze, one of the world-leading scientists in the field. So far he has published three books (Rom Harré and the Problem of Scientific Realism, 1993, and Philosophy of Chaos, 1997, both with Franco Angeli of Milano, and Living with the Bomb: From Bioethics to Biopolitics, with ESI of Napoli, 2002) and about 15 papers on these issues. At the end of 1997 he started working on SETI, focusing on its linguistic and philosophical problems. He gave presentations on these topics at international meetings in Hawaii 1999, Trieste 2000, San Marino 2001, Frascati 2001, Toulouse 2001, San Marino 2002, and Paris 2002. Some of them have also been published. He also collaborates with the two Italian national newspapers Avvenire and La Repubblica.

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