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Who We Are: John Percy

John R. Percy (BSc Math and Physics 1962, MA Astronomy 1963, PhD Astronomy 1968, all University of Toronto) is professor emeritus of astronomy and astrophysics at the Erindale Campus of the University of Toronto, in Mississauga, and also retired Director of the undergraduate Science Education Program there. He is cross-appointed to the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. His research interests include variable stars and stellar evolution, and he has published over 200 research papers in these fields. He is also active in science education (especially astronomy) at all levels, throughout the world, and he has edited several conference proceedings on this topic; his interests include curriculum development, teacher education, science centres and planetariums, student research projects, citizen science, and international development of astronomy. He has served as president of six national or international scientific and educational organizations, and received several awards, most recently the University of Toronto's 2003 Northrop Frye Award. Having retired from undergraduate teaching, he is now teaching Astrobiology to later-life learners. John Percy

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