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Who We Are: Elisabeth Piotelat

Ms. Elisabeth Piotelat is a 34-year-old computing engineer in Orsay, France. While wondering why computers using the same known protocols can't communicate, she dreams about cosmic connection.

Her interest in SETI drew her to the Nancay radio-astronomy station in 1995 for a training period about human-computer interface. She had been lucky to have some SETI related discussion with François Biraud and Eric Gérard. But she will allways regret to have been so shy when she once crossed Jean Heidmann. She serves as the SETI League's Voluntary Coordinator for France and translated some web pages in French. She shares 50% of her genes with her daughter Sonia born in 2002. It's a great source of inspiration when she has to speak about SETI in workshops or for the media. "What is the noise of the planet?" and "Are the teletubbies extraterrestrials?" are some of the debates they have already had.

Elisabeth and Sonya Piotelat

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