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Who We Are: Salvatore Santoli

Dr. Salvatore Santoli, FBIS, an Italian physical chemist, is a Director of the INT-International Nanobiological Testbed Ltd., a London-based company. He has authored papers tackling the problem of human/alien communication of semantic information, and has edited eight issues of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society (JBIS) on exobiology and the origins of life in the Universe. As a nanobiologist, he has published papers on the origins of life and exobiology, and has co-authored the book "Self Organization in the Universe and Life" as well as papers formulating and developing the Impulse Paradigm of self organization of matter in the Universe by the four fundamental interactions (in order to estimate ETI distribution in space and time and the ultimate evolution of humankind). His paper "Life and Intelligence in the Universe from Nanobiological Principles" was published in the 2000 special SETI issue of Acta Astronautica.

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