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Who We Are: Robert Shapiro

Dr. Robert Shapiro wrote Life Beyond Earth, Origins, and The Human Blueprint as well as his 1999 book Planetary Dreams: The Quest to Discover Life Beyond Earth. A chemistry professor at New York University, he has written about 100 scientific articles on DNA chemistry, mostly on mechanisms of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis. His books deal with more speculative areas of science, such as the nature of life in the universe and how life began on Earth. In Boston in 1999, he delivered a Wright Lecture on Cosmic Evolution. He has been awarded (along with Paul Davies) the Trotter Prize in Complexity, Information and Inference for 2004. He is a Member of National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council Committee on the Limits of Organic Life in Planetary Systems, 2004-2005. His brainchild to protect our civilization by backing up vital data in a sanctuary is now also represented on the web. His article, 'A Simpler Origin for Life' was the cover story of Scientific American, June 2007. Robert Shapiro

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