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Who We Are: John Smart

Mr. John Smart is a developmental systems theorist who studies science and technological culture with an emphasis on accelerating change, computational autonomy (human-independent machine and infrastructure learning) and a hypothesis known in futurist circles as the technological singularity (increasingly human-surpassing machine intelligence; see http://accelerationwatch.com). He is president of the nonprofit Acceleration Studies Foundation (ASF), a community for outreach, education, research, and selected advocacy of communities and technologies of accelerating change. He co-produces the Accelerating Change conference, an annual meeting of future-oriented change-leaders in the SF Bay Area, and edits ASF's free newsletter, Accelerating Times, read by over 3,000 acceleration-aware thinkers around the world. He is a member of the Association of Professional Futurists and the FBI Futures Working Group, and serves on the editorial advisory board of Technological Forecasting and Social Change. John has a BS in Business from the Haas School at UC Berkeley and six years of postgraduate coursework in biological, medical, cognitive, computer and physical science at UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. He's currently completing an MS in Future Studies at U. Houston and writing a book on the topic of accelerating change. His first book, Planning a Life in Medicine (for premedical students), was published by Random House in March 2005. John lives in Los Angeles, CA. John Smart

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