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Who We Are: Susan Tough

Rev. Susan Tough lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the geographical centre of the North American continent. She is a minister in the United Church of Canada, serving the large and vibrant congregation of St. Mary's Road United Church. She and her partner Russell enjoy gardening, bicycling, reading and working on crossword puzzles.

Susan grew up in Toronto, attended the University of Toronto (B.Sc.) and Queen's Theological College (M.Div). Following in the footsteps of her father, Prof. Allen Tough, she has a deep commitment to education and personal growth. One of the highlights of her job is her work with children, teenagers and adults of all ages in programs of learning, exploration and creative expression of faith.

Susan's talents include baking chocolate chip cookies, which could be considered a 'must-try' on our planet for any visitor. She lives on the vast prairie region of North America and has developed a passion for growing native plant species, some of which are in danger of extinction.

Asked about her faith, Susan says, "The vast majority of humans have a belief in a supreme being. I represent Christianity, one of the five major streams of belief followed by humans. Christianity has existed on Earth for just over two thousand years."

Susan Tough

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