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Who We Are: Maggie Turnbull

Dr. Margaret Turnbull is a consulting scientist for NASA's New Worlds Observer, a space telescope mission to discover and study Earth-like planets orbiting nearby stars, and for the MIT Exoplanet-SAT, a mission to search for transits of habitable exoplanets. She currently serves as President of the Global Science Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to scientific research, education, environmental preservation, and sustainable development. Dr. Turnbull's scientific background is in astrophysics and biology, with an emphasis on searching for signs of life on other planets. She gives frequent public talks on topics such as "The Search for Alien Life", and "The Earth as a Living Planet: Discovery and Preservation" to audiences of all ages, and has been a guest on numerous national and local radio programs. Dr. Turnbull is also active in local community life and serves on the City of Antigo Common Council, organized the Antigo Farmers' Market, and founded the Antigo City Farm.

Dr. Margaret Turnbull

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