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Who We Are: Tobias Wabbel

Mr. Tobias Wabbel (born 1973) is a German writer and editor who has studied journalism and has a special interest in SETI. He believes that contact will soon be made through the discovery of extraterrestrial artifacts like robot probes intruding on our solar system. He is currently organizing a European committee of international scientists to search for these artifacts on Earth. Together with Frank Drake, Jill Tarter, and others, he appeared in the European ARTE television documentary "Cosmic Connexion," addressed to potential alien civilizations, broadcast into space in October 2006. Mr. Wabbel has published five books, including two anthologies on SETI and extraterrestrial contact. His most recent publication, based on ten years of research, is a non-fiction monograph on the treasure of the Knights Templar, published by Random House in 2010. His current writing projects include a novel on SETI. Tobias Wabbel

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