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Who We Are: Lori Walton

Ms. Lori Walton has been passionately interested in ETI since the age of 6. A Canadian who lived in Whitehorse, Yukon, northern Canada for 16 years, she now resides in Edmonton, Canada. She is a geologist and graduate gemologist and President of Tigerstar Geoscience, a private company providing management and consulting services in the areas of finance, project acquisition, management and corporate development to the mining industry. She thinks a lot about humanity 100,000 years from now and serves as the SETI League coordinator for the Yukon and Northern Canada. She has attended the Bioastronomy 1999 in Hawaii and Bioastronomy 2007 in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is a member of the International Astronomical Union SETI Permanent Study Group and a member of the SETI Post-Detection Subcommittee. Lori Walton

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