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Who We Are: Noel C. Welstead

Mr. Noel C. Welstead was born in Sydney Australia in 1951. Here is his description of himself. "I have been an avid follower of the development of space exploration since the early 60's and even started the UFO Club, Padstow, as a way of generating interest in the study of extraterrestrial intelligence. Many books of the time fired my imagination as to the possibility of other solar systems and their possible life evolution scenarios and it was natural for me to be drawn to the study of SETI. My own pursuit of the subject has facilitated the design and development of Australia's only privately funded and operated SETI Observatory where we seek to answer the most fundamental of all questions: 'Are we alone?' I applauded the concept of The Invitation To ETI as a worthy endeavour to invite any other intelligence, be it machine or biological, to make contact with us. When you think about it, are we really machines or biological entities, or both? I think that we are really a combination of both and we are seeking answers about our own origins and potential futures."

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The Invitation to ETI was founded by Prof. Allen Tough
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